Digital Innovation Alliance Launches

Biometrics Applied in Payments White Paper


City of Panama, Republic of Panama, December 18, 2018 – Digital Innovation Alliance, previously Smart Card Alliance Latin America – SCALA, launches a white paper as an impartial tool, directed to financial institutions. The white paper helps to create a common framework for industry best practices, facilitating understanding, application and implementation of biometric technologies.


The white paper, “Biometrics Applied in Payments: Considerations for Development and Implementation” is available for download in the link:


The topics covered are:

  • Requirements, recommendation and challenges for biometric applications
  • Process for capturing and authenticating biometrics
  • Use cases of biometric applications and best practices
  • Risks, security and integrity of using biometrics
  • Types of biometrics used in payments


“We live in a world where mobility reigns and more than ever, we have to protect our data, transactions and identity. Biometrics is one answer: a simple wave of the hand, pressing a finger on a scanner, or looking at a camera for a second is enough to authenticate. As the biometrics industry is expanding, it is very important to discuss legal aspects and standardization. The Biometrics in Payments Council will address this issue and help biometrics to facilitate the life of users who are increasingly mobile and connected,” said Marcelo Bellini, Chair of the Biometrics in Payments Council.


“Since Biometrics will play an important role in the future infrastructure of payments, it’s essential to define how these unique biological identifiers will be protected, used for authentication, acquired, stored and, if necessary, shared. Our Biometrics in Payments Council is providing a forum for industry, technology experts, and advocates, to help lead the discussion”, said Edgar Betts, Associate Director of Digital Innovation Alliance.


The Goals and Objective of the Biometrics in Payments Council are to:

  • Write technical documents and white papers on the use of biometrics applied in identification, payments and ecommerce;
  • Be an impartial resource of information, providing industry best practices, playbooks, recommendations and relevant standards;
  • Advocate for the implementation and incorporation of related biometric technologies for identification, payments and ecommerce;
  • Establish training, educational, and certification programs related with the applied use of biometrics in identification, payments and ecommerce;
  • Develop industry events that incorporates best practices, use cases, experts and new interesting biometric technologies.


About Digital Innovation Alliance

Digital Innovation Alliance is a chapter organization of the Secure Technology Alliance, working to stimulate the use, understanding, interoperability, convergence, adoption, innovation and widespread application of smart cards, embedded chip, and related technologies for Digital Transformation in Latin America and Caribbean. The Alliance achieves its goals through specific projects, such as: Educational programs, a Digital Center of Excellence, market research, advocacy, white papers, industry relations and open forums, keeping its member organizations connected to industry leaders and innovative thought. For more information please visit



About the Secure Technology Alliance

The Secure Technology Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption and widespread application of secure solutions, including smart cards, embedded chip technology, and related hardware and software. The Alliance invests heavily in education on the appropriate uses of secure technologies for authentication, commerce, and the Internet of Things to protect privacy and data. The Secure Technology Alliance engages its members to share their knowledge, experience, and thought leadership through training, research, publications, industry outreach and open forums in the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information please visit


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