Taller Internacional de Politicas de Indentidad y Registro Civil del BID

Intl Workshop on Identity and Civil Registry Policies

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

1era Conferencia Internacional de Salud Pública de Panamá

1st Intl Conf. of Public Health


Cumbre Gerencial ALAS 2017

ALAS Management Summit 2017

Latin American Security Association

Reunión con la Junta de Directores de la UTP en conjunto con SENACYT

Board of Directors UTP & SENACYT

Smart Campus with Interoperable Digital Identity


Digital Identity Workshop for Panamanian Banking – Organized by the Banking Association of Panama and the Superintendency of Banks of Panama.

1st International Banking Congress for Regulators and Bankers

Cybersecurity: best practices to defend against cyber attacks and other vulnerabilities in the digital age, where it was presented that the only way to defend against cyber attacks was through an interoperable digital identity, which would protect customers both physically and digitally and in their mobile devices.

  • Jaime Berry, Director of Corporate Security – Banismo
  • Kelvin Chen, Operational Risk Manager & Fintech Section in the Division of Supervision & Regulation, Federal Reserve – USA
  • Jose Miguel del Rio, Responsible for Technology Risk in General Supervision Division of the Bank of Spain
  • Driss Temsamani, Regional Head of Digital Channels and Enterprise Banking Citi Latin-American – USA 
  • Edgar Betts – CEO of Microchip Technologies & Executive Director of Digital Innovation Alliance

CELAES 2019 - Latin American Banking Security Congress

Together with leaders of ALAS (Latin American Security Association) in promoting electronic security solutions for payments and banking at CELAES 2019 – Organized by ABP (Panama Banking Association) and FELABAN (Latin American Federation of Banks).

  • Daniel Banda, CEO – Soft Guard (Member of the Board of Directors of ALAS)
  • Luis Bonilla, Business Development Manager LAC – Tyco Security Solutions
  • Juan Carlos Noriega, Business Development Manager region NOLA Abloy
  • Luis Javier Villareal, Vertikal Manager, Hikvision
  • Alex Jimenez & Tadeo

Training - Electoral Tribunal of Panama

Institutional Training – Electoral Tribunal: Introduction to Technologies for Digital Transformation Training for the directive of the Electoral Tribunal on Technologies for Digital Transformation with the Axis in the Citizen through their Identity.

Dictation modules:

  1. Digital transformation
  2. Digital Identity
  3. Public Key Infrastructure
  4. Digital Government
  5. Open Data
  6. Tokenization
  7. Mobile Identity
  8. Biometric Identification

Congreso da Ciudadania Digital - Brasil

Event organized by the National Institute of Information Technology and the Presidency of Brazil. Promoting the use of an interoperable digital identity as a means for citizens to access all their basic needs efficiently and transform the form of digital government.

Cards Payment & Identification 2011

Cards Payment & Identification 2011 together with Dib & Associates – Promoting the evolution of payments and identity interoperability.

  • Edgar Betts – SCALA
  • Marcelo Bellini – Morpho
  • Karina Prado – G&D
  • Ismael Dykman – HID

Digital Tour Americas - Creation of the Digital Center of Excellence

Digitization has infiltrated Panama and around the world. Currently, interacting with an object or digital system is an every day thing. Thinking about this reality, the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT), the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCdS) and the Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA) Foundation, join forces to create the first Center for Digital Excellence in Panama.

This Center will be created with the aim to train professionals in the area of smart card technology to increase the human resource in this industry sector, plus information on uses, developments and trends of this technology in Panama will be provided.

For the creation of the Center for Digital Excellence more than 65 thousand dollars will be invested and this will be located at the City of Knowledge Innovation Center. The facility will promote the meeting of market leaders, universities, regional actors and final users of the smart card technology and other devices, to encourage their use and evolution.

The implementation of this project was sealed with the protocol signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the SENACYT, FCdS and SCALA, held as part of the Digital Tour Americas 2016 event at the Decapolis Convention Center.

The Center for Digital Excellence will be an advanced technology promotion and dissemination center and a showcase of knowledge, thus fulfilling the mission of the FCdS to be a platform for the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge.

Dr. Jorge A. Motta, National Secretary of the SENACYT, said, “we are committed to innovation in Panama and I am sure that with this Center for Digital Excellence our country will give an important step in seeking to improve its academic level in areas of digital technology”.

Prof. Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the FCdS, stressed, “for the City of Knowledge Foundation signing this agreement with SCALA and SENACYT represents a firm step towards incorporating technology at the service of partners. The Center will provide training and research that will improve systems to ensure the quality of services”.

Meanwhile, Edgar Betts, Director of SCALA, stressed, “the creation of the SCALA Center for Digital Excellence in Panama is an accomplishment achieved through the collaboration of the SENACYT and City of Knowledge Foundation. The Center for Digital Excellence will train professionals to learn the latest advances in digital technology, one of the main pillars of the digital transformation of the region.

Cards & Payments Latin America

Card & Payments Latin America organized by Smart Card Alliance and LatinNext in Miami, FL to establish an annual event focused on payment methods in which we could bring together both consolidating technologies and best practices from Mexico to Brazil.

CTST The Americas

Recognition to the team of people who worked hand in hand to make Latin America and the Caribbean migrate to EMV.
  • Randy Vanderhoof
  • Dimas Gomez
  • Pablo Juan
  • Antonio Muñoz
  • Ian Walmsley
  • Kim Hangoc
  • Luis de la Cruz
  • Cathy Medich
  • Fernando Mendez
  • Edgar Betts
  • Jorge Krug
  • Mauricio Coelho
  • Marcelo Bellini

More Info: Smart Card Alliance Latin America (SCALA) is honored with the cover in PaymentMedia · News · City of Knowledge (

EMV Tour

EMV Tour organized by Digital Innovation Alliance and PaymentMedia – promoting the use, understanding and best practices of EMV migration through our white paper on the roadmap. This was a series of events that took place throughout the region.

  • Pablo Narvaez
  • Fernando Mendez
  • Gonzalo Fontela

Smart Cities Panama

Event with the Technological University of Panama on Digital Transformation, Smart Cities and Interoperable Digital Identity. Panelists & Participants include: Ivan Ho, Raul Ricardo Rodriguez, Ana Matilde Gomez.