We share these 
Beliefs and Values


Identity is a Human Right

Identity is the fundamental human right, almost all other rights are derived from it and it is the most powerful tool to guarantee the fulfillment of other citizen and human rights.
A human being without an identity is not considered a human before the law, since he does not exist

Citizen Self-Management

The citizen is the owner of his information, sensitive data and identity. This means that he has full power, after being registered in his country and identified by a competent authority, the decision of where, how, when, with whom and for what it is shared. Citizens do not require the authorization or surveillance of any governmental authority to exercise their rights.

Citizen with Power

Self-management for us has the purpose of guaranteeing that no state can use the identity for the violation of human rights or determine the citizen’s right to be part of any community they want, no matter the size.

No Borders

Human rights do not end by crossing the borders of a country. Therefore, to guarantee respect, compliance and due process of each human being, identity must be reciprocally recognized between countries through interoperability and not be limited by geographical borders.
Also a citizen with an interoperable digital identity with reciprocal recognition obtains more civil protections, since the states of origin can require the other states to comply with the due processes

Individual Ecosystem Based on Microservices

Microservices are applications created by the citizen and / or a third party that uses identity components to provide valuable information, a product and / or service.
This is achieved through an open and secure platform designed to be the “Sandbox” for entrepreneurs / fintechs / start-ups and ordinary citizens who wish to contribute to the community.

Omnichannel Interoperability

Interoperability is the most important pillar to have a universal identity. Users and / or citizens must be able to use this identity in any format and technological medium.
Interoperability is the master key for the integration of all other related sectors and to achieve the capabilities of a digital citizen.


Intersectoral convergence is increasingly visible given that the digital transformation crosses the borders of any sector or country.


which is driven by a common denominator, the interoperable omni channel digital identity, the most important component for the creation of a HUB.