The Mission

Each of the members must have the opportunity to participate in the digital transformation. DIA wishes to create a deep relationship with each of its members and representatives, as well as to support the development of relationships between members that are mutually beneficial. DIA is a means for the transmission of values ​​and beliefs of the industry that expands worldwide.

This transformation requires new leaders from different disciplines and sectors who understand the needs towards an intersectoral convergence, requiring an active collaboration to understand technology, user experience, and risk implications. Our educational programs equip members with the tools they need to be more effective communicators about the skills, attributes, characteristics and functionalities generated by cutting-edge technologies and the impacts on the social, economic, and human behavior transformation and the benefits generated by the digital transformation.

The Members

Members will be systematically exposed and challenged by the digital transformation, led by the Digital Innovation Alliance, through chronological studies, notifications and application of technologies within sectors. Workgroups, industry scopes, and cutting-edge innovation discussions are important parts of membership and are woven into every part of our initiatives. The active participation of our members and guests will help meet the new challenges and as they are solved they will be shared as best practices and new industry standards.

We have a great privilege and responsibility to reach the different sectors influenced by digital transformation. At Digital Innovation Alliance we want to prepare our members for this great task. The experience of our members in technical and market knowledge makes them better equipped to navigate the different sectors that are being impacted by this transformation, which also makes them more suitable and flexible in adapting technologies to the needs of customers. clients, citizens and their environment. 

Our members will draw on their national / regional / global perspectives through training, discussions, and personalized outreach opportunities throughout the organization’s initiatives.

Learning about the impacts and opportunities in Digital Transformation is an active process and is the result of many experiences. The understanding of our vision is not linear, but is multifaceted and dynamic. Members and staff play an integral role in orchestrating our activities, environment, publications, trainings, events, and initiatives to achieve stated goals. Using a higher order of thought and vision is the primary focus for our new industry to thrive in the digital age.


We expect our members to show the discipline, maturity, character and positive habits necessary to be part of our community, accepting and fulfilling commitments to their peers and the organization. We consider that the lack of:
• Compliance with established standards
• Participation in scheduled meetings
• Technical preparation
These attributes will be taken into account when developing leadership opportunities in the industry.

Members are asked to keep an open mind, share our vision and critical thinking about the benefits, impact and the role of the body in the industry. We must learn how all areas and sectors are being transformed by digital technologies.

Lastly, our membership philosophy and vision for the industry (Electronics to Digital) is an ongoing process that will require a coordinated effort of “believers and influencers” joining in a group effort by our leaders.