Our objective is to unite thought leaders, technical experts and professionals from the different influenced sectors, creating an active community focused on promoting digital transformation, taking advantage of the attributes, characteristics, skills and benefits of integrating new technologies.

The added value that DIA offers is a synergistic environment with different people, contributing their knowledge and experience, expanding the growth in knowledge, contacts, educational resources, standards and convergence of different sectors and industries.

We collaborate to keep in contact with leaders from various sectors, providing the opportunity to generate new alliances in order to promote the growth of members within the same industry.



Achieve to keep in contact and updated the representatives of the organizations that are part of the members, fostering a culture of active and united community focused on meeting common objectives, such as: the development of technical specifications, standards for the use of technological tools and communicate at all times the news and relevant current information for the participants of the digital identification and transformation industry.


Electronic to Digital

Originally a chip was designated for a device (card, digital accessory, mobile, IoT), for an application and to serve a single purpose. This is what we now call “Electronic”. The “digital transformation” is when all these components begin to create convergence between sectors, devices, applications and services. In other words, any device is a card, digital accessory, mobile and / or thing (IoT) will have the ability to access any of the services and / or applications in an automated, secure and efficient way, generating interoperability focused on the user / citizen / person as the central point of the processes.


Chief Executive Officer at Microchip Technologies Solutions – market leader in Digital Innovation and transformation. Awarded the InnovaCiudad prize from The Smart City Business America Institute (SCBA) for the development of the Digital Center of Excellence.

Edgar Betts

Economist & Intl Smart Industry Expert | Founder

Strategic Business Development at Microchip Technologies Solutions. 20+ years’ experience in several industries including Automotive, Finance and Investments, Real Estate Development and Technology Innovation. Owner/CEO at Be Productive Workspaces, an innovation co-working center, developing synergy for entrepreneurs.

Si Ming Chen

Finance & Mgmt of Information Systems | Co-Founder

Commercial Business Manager & Marketer with +15 years of experience in multinational companies as Regional Manager & Deputy Director in Panama’s Municipality. Certified Public Translator with experience working on the Taiwan-Panama Free Trading Agreement. 

Candy Chen

Intl Business & Marketer | Member

Extensive experience in process and operations management.  Lead multinational and multicultural projects to successful completions.
Deep understanding in the payments industry.  Seasoned executive in several corporations.
Ricardo Alberto Chu Espinoza

Industrial Engineer, MBA | Member

Technology Consultant with more than 30 years of experience. Host of Vida Digital with presence on Social Networks such as @VidaDigital and participates weekly on Radio Ancón, Radio Panamá and CoolFM.

Alex Neuman

Tech Consultant | Member

Chapter Organizations

Our chapter organizations will be subgroups of DIA working locally to expand the capabilities of an interoperable and omnichannel digital identity.



The MeID platform, from Microchip Technologies Solutions, is launched on the market, the only wallet associated with an interoperable omni-channel digital identity and self-managed by the citizen..


The article “Digital Identity and IoT” is published, describing how digital identity will be used in mobile and the derived credential infrastructure for the development of IoT.


The GENUeiD standard (Interoperable Framework for Digital Identity) is structured with the aim of reciprocal recognition between countries, digital identities between trusted partners, traceability and multiple applications on the same device. Our publication “Interoperable Digital Identity” comes out, being the first time in history where it is technically contemplated how to develop a Universal Identity.