Digital Identity in Panamanian Banking

Banks of Panma participated in the educational program “Requirements for Secure Digital Banking” organized by the Banking Association of Panama, together with the Banking Superintendence of Panama and Microchip Technologies Solutions.

The Program was given with the aim of demonstrating and training banks in terms of an interoperable and omnichannel digital identity where users are the owners of their own personal data and can count on the highest level of security at international standard levels.

More than 120 banking executives in the areas of IT Risk, Cybersecurity, Compliance, Audit, Payment Methods and Fraud Prevention, Technology, Digital Transformation and Information Security, from more than 40 local and international banks.

Edgar Betts from Microchip Technologies Solutions and Executive Director of the Digital Innovation Alliance was the one who gave the program demonstrating how identity verifications can be carried out with the different components and security tools, in addition to replicate the success stories and uses that are being developed in the Latin American region.

The Program will be extended to a 2nd chapter at the request of more executives who have requested its repetition.

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