Digital Identity – Best Practices with e-Estonia

Digital Identity Best Practices – An Exchange Between Estonia and Panama
The event starts with:

  • 1:06​ – Opening speech of Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director of the Secure Technology Alliance and U.S. Payment Forum, that stimulate the understanding, adoption, and widespread application of the appropriate uses of technology for identification, payment and other applications
  • 30:19​ – e-Estonia’s Digital Transformation Adviser, Florian Marcus provides a briefing of what Estonia has been able to achieve with Digital Identity
  • 1:00:22​ – Georg Nikolajevski from SK ID Solutions
  • 1:11:51​ – Max van de Poll from Cybernetica
  • 1:23:44​ – Hille Hinsberg from Proud Engineers
  • 1:38:49​ – Edgar Betts who presents ideas of solutions inspired by e-Estonia’s digitalization efforts

Estonia’s national vision and collaborate efforts, shows what can be achieved when great technology is put to great use.

An interoperable omnichannel digital identity, provides the tools for citizens to self-govern, administrate, be portable and private. It has long been needed, especially in a world where economy has dramatically been impacted, population have lost or has limited access to basic resources like food, water, education, health and state subsidies.

DIA is the driving for the reciprocal recognition of digital identities among countries, states, and industries.

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