Launch – 1st DIA Panama Community Meeting

The DIA Community officially launched its 1st meeting last Thursday, November 12 in Panama.

In this meeting, the following topics were discussed as part of the 1st intro to a multi-disciplinary group:

  • Introduction & Background of Digital Identity
  • Cases & References, including the Estonian model and opportunities for improvement and learning
  • Rights derived from Digital Identity
  • Benefits & Importance of its Implementation
  • Difference and Transition from Electronic to Digital
  • Evidence presented by different studies
  • The main objectives of DIA

More than 50 people from different sectors of the industry participated in this meeting, interested in taking part and participating in the work sessions.

Some of the participants were:

  • Joel Ariel Robinson Duggon
  • Ricardo Tribaldos
  • Luz S Fung Arenas
  • Rafael Sabas
  • David Sucre Levy
  • Lilia Liu
  • Dunezkka Salamín
  • John Palm Sasso
  • Marí­a Carolina Galvis
  • Oscar Garcia
  • Adrian Chin
  • Beto Carrillo Koo
  • Carmen Wong
  • Pedro.P.Grande
  • Ernesto Morales
  • Edgardo A. Averza C.
  • Anita Mong
  • Joys Acevedo
  • Fazila bhana
  • Eddy Arturo Cabrera Arias
  • Ericka Roach
  • Aldo Cano
  • Rudy Leonel Gallardo Rosales
  • Edwin Montenegro Renteria
  • Juan Néstor Mariñas Ríos
  • Victor Cisneros
  • Piro Arroyo
  • Cynthia Paggi
  • Ana Ulloa
  • Nestor Bonilla
  • Massiel
  • Juan Moisés Torrijos
  • Raisa Rosero
  • Rosa Chu Lin
  • Ernesto Reyes
  • Adriana Angarita
  • Jesus Benjamí­n Santa
  • Daly Ibañez
  • Querube Ortega

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